Christian Worldview Analysis

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There are many facets of the Christian worldview that contribute to the foundation in which this worldview bases its beliefs on. Having the ability to study and understand a worldview is not an undertaking that is to be entered into lightly and poses huge challenges for the individual looking for an explanation to offer (Valk, 2012). In order to fully understand the Christian worldview each facet must be explored and defined in a clear and concise manner. Just as pieces of a puzzle that alone are unique, but when interlocked together become one, so are the elements that together create the solid worldview of Christianity. The elements of the Christian worldview that are crucial to their beliefs are God, humanity, Jesus, and restoration.
The cornerstone of the Christian worldview is their belief in one God who created and sustains all that exists. In the beginning of time according to Genesis 1:1(NIV), God created the heavens and earth. Even though these passages offer a view of a
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In addition, the commitment to enter into a lifelong journey with Jesus Christ as their savior is the soul of this worldview and is integrated in a chosen lifestyle.
The commitment Christians adhere to in this chosen lifestyle include participation in religious services. On a weekly basis these services emphasize the scripture readings and allows for further education due to the weekly sermon coinciding with the scripture. The messages offered in the scriptures give Christians the opportunity to open their hearts and pray that God will be their guiding light. In addition, self-awareness as a Christian to live a faith based life is crucial in order to support our fellow man in any are of life that they may assistance