Christian Worldview Analysis

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Journal Week Seven
From a small country town in Northern California, growing up in small town was very tough in junior high and high school. I started to gain the mentality that everyone in town is watching all we do. Making a mistakes in the public eye was never an option as you never wanted to burden your family's reputation. My parents were strong believers in Christ with an intense passion for us all to follow the bible and God's word, those beliefs is what gave me the solid foundation in Christian Worldview. My greatest weakness would be to continuously care about what other people think of me, or whether not they view me as successful. Being apart of that constantly talks about you or keeps tabs on you can be frustrating, yet there
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My experience was eye opening, I felt that school became an option not something forced upon us. I loved the freedom and independence that the college lifestyle and learning style offered. However, the college did not follow a christian worldview which made it difficult to carry out my christian beliefs, I was always getting mixed into the wrong crowds at too young of an age. Then at twenty-one I decided to enroll myself at GCU, the two major reasons why GCU was the choice for me was that it happened to be the only college near the west coast that accepted every single college credit I had taken at the junior college. This decision became easier to make and took a great deal of stress off of my shoulders. The second reason being that I wanted to attend GCU was because I knew it would continue to encourage me down the right path living on campus and attending classes everyday, I wanted to surround myself with a group of students that carried a similar belief system that I did. I had and still expect GCU to encourage us in our education to pursue our goals not to stay at their college forever but to graduate and accomplish our …show more content…
I am at a point in my education where I can see the finish line, making myself very anxious to start my career. I have created a timeline for each step in my career, writing in what it will take to get to the next goal keeping my time managed correctly with my eyes on the finish line. As of now my goals are to graduate from GCU by August 2017, allowing me the opportunity to get hired on as a marketer for a marketing company. My goal will be to work my way up becoming the marketing director, making 80k annually, and living in San Diego. Once that goal is accomplished I will begin to start my own marketing company allowing me the freedom to focus on building a family and a career that is