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Researchers found that over fifty to a hundred million experiments are done on animals every year. These experiments include testing like genetic aging, cosmetics, and medical discoveries. In research laboratories you may find, mice, monkeys, frogs, hogs, rabbits, fish and birds. Animal research advocates argues that these animal laboratories operate under cruel and harsh conditions. These practices involves eye gauging, dissect of intestines, chemical injections, toxins and death. Animal experimenters feel that these practices are necessary to accomplish medical discoveries, but research activist asserts that medical experimentation has not been proven successful In terms of medical discoveries, that in fact these experiments are misleading and unnecessary .Activist also feels that cosmetics is not a means of survival. A life shouldn’t be taken for human convince. Over the last ten years researchers have discovered that there are other alternative for scientific experimentation like egg whites protein that carries chicken gene or non animal proteins, but some researchers find slaughtering animals for the sake of cure for cancer or a brand of lipstick is a better choice. Animal experimentation goes against code of ethics. Research advocates are coming together to put an end to animal cruelty asserting that animals have the right life and freedom, they are not bore to be laboratory experiments for humans .Human beings have a moral obligation to show acts of kindness to other living creatures, otherwise humans are not civilized beings.

Humans have used animals throughout history for scientific experimentation. But is it necessary to subject animals to torture of harsh conditions in the name of experimentation? Animals are killed for cosmetic products is this ethical for an animal to die for something that has no value of life? Issues such as these will make it hard for