Essay about Sex and Violence

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Research Paper (Honors)
Due January 18th via Google Doc For this assignment, you will answer a research question that has some kind of social value. You can research any topic approved by the teacher. The topic can be broad and affect society OR be of some personal significance to you. This paper does NOT have to be argumentative, but can be if you choose. Examples of topics include: * Facts about good nutrition are widely known, so why is obesity increasing? * Why do many addicts return to rehabilitation centers multiple times? * Why has the divorce rate increased steadily over time? * How has the increase of working mothers changed the family unit? * Why is education compulsory in the United States? * How did the Human Genome Project affect modern medicine? * How did the atomic bomb change modern warfare?

This paper will be written formally and organized thematically. This means that each paragraph will focus on one component of your research—NOT one source. Paraphrasing and direct quoting is required. Your thesis statement will be in your first paragraph, your conclusions and the answer to “so what?” will be in your final paragraph. Your final paragraph will also include further questions your research led to.

Formatting Requirements: * Must be TYPED with Times New Roman font, size 12; 1 inch margins; double-spaced; written in THIRD PERSON; title should be centered and NOT bold or underlined * Heading on first page should include your first and last name, course, and date * Pages 2 and beyond should have a header in upper right-hand corner with last name and page number *