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Climate Regions of Canada
Where I Would Like to Live
Montreal is the city that I would most like to live in. It has very warm summers with a highest monthly temperature of 21.6°. This is a great temperature to do many outdoor activities both competitive and recreational. The summer is great because although it is the season that receives the most precipitation the temperature doesn’t fall below 19.1°. Montreal also has very nice winters with a lowest monthly temperature of -8.9°. Because of its high snowfall there will be many opportunities to go skiing. Also because the winter temperature never falls below freezing there will be plenty of opportunities to go ice skating. Montreal is by far my favorite city based on climate alone and that is why I have selected it.
Where I Wouldn’t Like to Live
The city that I would least like to live in is Prince Rupert. The temperature in Prince Rupert doesn’t experience very much fluctuation and it is usually cool to mild. Although I do enjoy cool and mild weather it is only because I know that there will be much warmer or colder weather. This is not the case in Prince Rupert though; there is only a 12.1° difference between the lowest monthly temperature and the highest monthly temperature. This means that there are many activities that won’t be available to you. Due to the temperature not reaching zero most outdoor winter activities are ruled out because of the lack of snow or ice. And because the temperature only reaches 13.9° it will be much too cold to swim. Regina also has a very high precipitation level; 2414 mm annually. I am not a very big fan of rain so I would find it very hard to live in a town with so much rainfall. Because of Regina’s low temperature range and high amounts of precipitation I don’t believe it’s suited for me.

Best City for a Retiree
The City that is best suited for a retiree is Prince Rupert. The main reason for this is because it has the most consistently warm temperature out of all 7 options. The lowest monthly temperature is 1.8°, although this may be too cold for one to do many activities it is perfectly fine if one wishes to take a stroll in a light jacket. 13.9° is the highest monthly temperature in Prince Rupert which might not seem very warm but when you consider that it stays within two degrees of that during the entire summer it isn’t that bad. Prince Rupert receives 2414 mm of rain every year that is spread throughout the year pretty evenly. This is perfect if the retiree is interested in gardening because they wouldn’t have to be very worried about not having enough rainfall. Prince