Essay about Civil Rights Movement

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How did Jackson interpret meaning/significance of Obamas candidacy?
-it was a sign of the success of the Civil Rights movement. We are fundamentally transforming this nation. Began with Selma (1965).
-Rehashing coalition argument: It is happening disproportionate to blacks but not exclusively to them. Believes in coalition building. Not just people of darker complextion-we are worried about the whole.
-did not believe in King because he was not a lawyer (questioned his credibility and ability). Obama also not well received by black community (lawer) ironic.
-different times require different modes of leadership. Now we need political leadership.
-racial battle ground economic common ground moral higher ground : Fulfilling “The Dream”
-issues must be at the forefront of our minds. Think about issues after presidency.
-Cleo fields “he’s raised the possibilities of everyone’s stories.” (Because he can do it)
-draws historical connection with struggels. Sit-run-win.
-Sharpton: we have to push Obama to greatness. He is the opportunity but not the change itself.
What does he say goal of civil rights movement was? How does it relate to Obamas emergence?
Intro: one sentence why this should be studied. Preview sentence: what you’re going to do in the paper. End with thesis.
Lit Review: synthesize existing lit
Background: of topic and text.
Body & Conclusion.
Helping or hurting?
A. Century after slavery was