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In the early years of America we did not treat all people equal. In fact, we disrespected African Americans by being slobs and making them do all of our hard labor that are ancestors have done for years. In the American Constitution it states “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”(, but we decided to ignore it and dishonor all of the African American race. This was happening all through our country from the thirties to the late seventies early eighties. There were three very important people who helped start the revolution between blacks and whites, and that was Emit Till, Rosa Parks, and no other then the intelligent Martian Luther King Jr. These three people helped start the rigorous fight for equality and for the end of “separate but equal’.” Emit Till was a young fourteen-year-old northern boy who was not fully aware of what all was happening to the African Americans in the south. He came all the way from Chicago to visit his great uncle and cousin. This young man was very brave and had a little stupidity as every child that age does. He was sickeningly murdered by two local white men, because he had whistled or spoke down to a southern white lady. His body was found sailing in the water of the river; however, he did not die from drowning, he died from a gruesome beating and two bullets to his adolescent head. This was a very tragic event, and it baffled the African American population. All of this negativity did lead to some good. His mother decided to have an open casket that revealed the wickedness of the whites also; it helped gain supporters for the Civil Rights Movement. Emit Till is not aware of how brave his great uncle was, but after Till died his great uncle stood in front of a crowd of whites in a court and pointed out the two men that came to his house that night looking for Till. This also gained supporters to live for a more meaningful life; if Mose Wright could stand up to the white man’s face then so could any other African American. Disgustingly the whites had an advantage in the court since no blacks were eligible for the court system in the south. This led to them being set free by a jury who unanimously decided the verdict of not guilty. Many were hurt by this verdict including congressman Charles Diggs Jr. of Detroit who stated “I am disappointed. I went to Sumner with the hope that the Till case would result in conviction,” (The Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader, pg. 38) and others wanted this same thing too, yet they did not receive what they wanted because of the majority of racism in the south. They did however, receive a burst of pride to fight the disgusting horrors of Jim Crow. Everyone is aware of the notorious Rosa Parks who would not give her seat on the bus up to a white man. If the case of Emit Till did not arouse the crowd then she sure did. She was arrested and charged with suspicion due to the fact of what happened. Every person on the face of this earth is entitled to public transportation, but in her case she was a black FEMALE and during these times blacks were treated like animals; in addition, she was a female and they basically had no rights at this time. After her arrest her bail was met by Mr. E. D. Nixon and Mrs. Clifford Durr they helped Parks and others start the Montgomery bus boycott, and provided a path for all African Americans to follow to end slavery. They strived at first for just equality on the buses, but when that was