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g n i lon By Natasha and Alex

Dolly the cloned sheep
• Dolly is best known for being the first ever mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell, using the process of nuclear transfer. • Dolly was born 5 July 1996, and she had 3 mothers. Unfortunately she died when she was 6 on valentines day 2003.
• She had 6 lambs (Bonnie, twins Sally and
Rosie, and triplets Lucy, Darcy and cotton)

Cloning Dolly the sheep

Gregor Mendel
• How Gregor Mendel's pea plants help us under stand genetics.

The following are the advantages of cloning animals:

1. The creation of identical copies of animals – through cloning, it is possible to create genetically identical animals for organ or tissue transplantation; and the creation of identical copies of only the best animal population
2. Repopulate the world with endangered or even extinct animals – with the modern technology nowadays, it is possible to address the problem of endangered species, or recreate the extinct species of animals
Just imagine being able to bring back an extinct animal into today’s world! Big movies like that of Jurassic Park and other similar themed cinema hits showed the recreation of dinosaurs through the preserved DNA in mosquitoes. Further studies and researchers are still required in order to bring out the best in cloning animals.

Disadvantages of cloning.
•Since cloning creates identical genes and it is a process of replicating a complete genetic constitution, it can significantly hamper the much needed DNA diversity in human beings. The lessening of genes diversity will weaken our adaptation ability.
Similarly, cloning will also severely affect