Club It Part 2

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Club IT Part Two

Club IT Part Two Club IT is one of the newest night clubs on the strip in Newtown and has been called the "IT spot" for those that want to unwind and have a good time after a long day of work. The club owners, Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, have high expectations for their club. The club was recently remodeled to include seating for over 200 people and a 600 square foot dance floor. Club IT has been doing exceptionally well and the owners are looking at ways to make sure that the club continues to stay on top. I was recently hired on to see where improvements could be made to make sure that this upward trend continues. Over the past few weeks I have looked at the way the business is ran, from ordering supplies to customer satisfaction.
As previously mentioned Club IT is known as the IT spot, yet the owners are currently utilizing a dial up internet. This is causing problems in a number of areas of the business as well as customer relations. Normal dial up speed is 56K, while broadband has a speed of 5Mbps. With the dial up connection the company has it takes as long as two minutes for a web page to load and does not allow for access to all programs. We live in an age where almost everything is done online. One of the major changes that needs to be made deals with the upgrading of the internet to offer broadband services to employees allowing for faster access.
This will help to implement the next stage of improvements which would allow for more online access by employees to place orders with supply companies. Presently the orders are being placed via phone or fax which has caused meaningless errors in the ordering of supplies as well as slow delivery. The supply companies that are utilized by Club IT offer online ordering which includes shipping tracking as well. Additionally, the orders are saved electronically on the supply company's website for future references. This will also allow for us to better track supply and demand.
Presently if a customer would like to purchase tickets or set up reservations they have to call the main office between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Our customers are part of the Net Generation and Millennial generation. Not having the ability to place orders or make reservations online is causing us to lose potential revenue for those customers who are more likely to log in or open an app verses placing a phone call and waiting on hold. The next thing that needs to be updated is a newly designed website for Club IT that would allow for the customers to see who is playing each night and what the specials are. The big thing about the new website will be that customers will be able to order tickets for upcoming shows online and have their tickets either e-delivered or on hold at the office. These same customers will also be able to make reservations for their upcoming parties with just a click of the mouse. We will also make all of our merchandise available on the website as well for customers to order online. Almost all of Club IT's clientele utilize smart phones to complete their business, so we will also be looking at