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Christian Galvan


11/12/13 Quest Brief

Issue: Is college necessary vital for your future success?

Background info: Almost all people determine to succeed and endeavor to reach their goal. For example, some people, after finishing high school, look for a job because they might think that this is the shortest way for them to save up. Others believe that college education prepares them a solid knowledge base of any careers; hence, they will choose to pursue higher education before starting their jobs. Although those people may delay their working many years later, they will have more chance of success than of those who don't possess a college degree.

Anecdote:I truly believe that college education is necessary for success in the U.S society.

Pro Arguments:
1. Almost all high-paid salary jobs require a college degree. Even though, some employers may announce that a few years of job experience can be equivalence with a college degree. In fact, when they view the applications, they would have more interest on applicants with having college degree than of those who don't. Besides, many professional organizations often require supporting documents such as introduction letter, letter of purpose, or resume rather than a single sheet filled-out application, and college level candidates would have more a chance of calling for an interview because they already master the writing techniques in their class. In the same way, they also learn about how to get impressed to interviewers as well.

2. Having college education would be an advance for people at work. They understand and master methodologies and concepts before coming into practicing. When two workers, for example, operate their machines, and all of a sudden, these machines break down and stop working. Eventually, a college level person would probably know what's wrong with the machine, and he even has ideas of how to handle the problem before coming for a machine checkup. At the same time, the other worker, without having mechanical education, would fumble hours through the machine, checking for a defect. This implies that higher education would help a person solve problem quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, if a company offers training class or project to employees, people with former education are likely would be the faster learners.