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Melvin Lopez Is college really worth it? College education has been a very controversial issue lately. Since the mid-20th century, college has been a goal that was chased by not so many.However more people were interested into gaining the benefits of college such as a bigger salary and ended up becoming the next big thing! But now, people have opened their eyes and questioned themselves; Is college really worth it?
College education is great for those who know how to benefit from it. There is no other way of explaining. It is the trickiest question a person encounters with in his or hers new life as an adult. If you really want to go, do it. But just know this; Student loans have overwhelmed for college graduates. According to, between 2003 and 2012 the number of 25- year- olds with student debt rose from 25 percent to 43 percent, with the average loan being 20,326. What's even worse is that at least 10 percent of college graduate with over 40 grand in debt and 1 percent of graduates go up to 100,000 in student loan. Not good. And according to to The New York times, all student debts nation wide add up 1 trillion. "No with my degree I can get a good job and pay back my loans in no time". Think again.Even after obtaining a bachelors degree, many graduated students don’t obtain jobs that need a degree. Sure facts show that in the U.S more jobs will need a degree to enter but what is ironic is that in 2011, 50 percent of college graduates under 25 years old had a part-time job or no job at all. And with that happening, it'll take more than a while to clear all your debts. Why do people choose this, who knows. We as humans have made our brains into thinking college is the only way. News flash there is other ways of earning good money. Trade professions. Trade professions are vital for a society to function, they take less than 4 years to learn, and most often pay above average wages. Plumbers, Electricians, Construction worker, and much more are examples of trade professions. We've been focusing to work in an office, that we forgot how to even build an office. The fact that we haven't bothered working in these areas of the working industry is known as a "skills gap". There is more to making a good living, its just that people don’t know it yet. Another way of receiving the same knowledge from college is online. There is so many videos on lessons received from colleges and universities that are reliable and safe. Schools such as Harvard, Oxford,