College Sports Rhetorical Analysis

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1. The main idea of this passage is that college administration wins a lot from the successful college sports. The conclusion that the author wants the reader to draw is that college sport is not only about the amateur athletes and their activities. After reading this excerpt, it becomes clear that the colleges make their reputation among the others and are able to get revenue from the sports success that brings numerous benefits.
2. The piece of writing promotes the idea that the main means of unification of the people from various backgrounds is the language. With regard to this, this passage leads to a conclusion that language is the factor that even contributes to the development of the xenophobia in the society. This is connected with the idea that forming a multilingual society allows people to stay in their usual environment without trying to recognize others and separated from them.
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The main conclusion to be drawn here is that our society needs to establish the new understanding of the team sport. While nowadays, instead of providing children with more health, sport develops their desire to compete, it would be reasonable to remind the essential value of sport – keeping the body fit. The problem with sports consists, nowadays, in the idea that it is always necessary to win, and this should be changed.
4. This piece of writing expresses the idea related to the problems of modern college education stating that it does not provide the students with diverse cultural aspects. The conclusion that might be drawn in this case concerns the idea that it is not enough to be proficient in a single sphere, especially considering the horizons that might have been opened. With regard to this, it is necessary to gain the knowledge not only to become financially successful but also to be able to enjoy it