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With the development of quality-oriented education, college students suffer from pressures in different aspects. I have asked many of my friends if they are having similar problems when it comes to time management, high expense, high academic standards and many of college students say that they are. Those three major areas of difficulty that college students deal with are time and energy-consuming or what’s more, it’s money-consuming. Time management the biggest difficult for time-limited college students. For example, when classmate birthday party, homework deadline and your favorite basketball competition come together, how can you make decision? What could possibly be gained? In this case, you need to balance which one is most important to you or some fibs to both friendly invitation and serious professors. You simply have no choice to impossibly reach every aspect but to bear pain to give up some of them. Consequently, you couldn’t be invited to some parties by someone who you didn’t make your promise to her. Similarly, you properly get an F in your writing because of your missed homework. Perhaps giving us your personal hobby is a reasonable decision, then you lose the right to choose what you like, finally, can’t figure out who you are? In the same way, you miss one day classes because you have a lot fun at the party last night, just as you can’t meet your girlfriend on time with a job of grad assistant on campus.
Going to college is luxurious choice, especially, our campus locates in Manhattan. When I pay tuition fee at the begin of every semester, a large sum of money moved from my debit card due to 15 credits every semester and 1300 dollars per credit. I can use this money to buy a classy car, but that’s impossible for me. Similarly, living expense also is not a small number for me. Sometimes hanging out with my friends and eating at high-level restaurant are unavoidable extra consuming, and I need to prepare a Louis Vuitton handbag for my friend who sent me a Gucci belt as gift last year. Better to send back a common scarf to her, then she may communicates with me less and less. What’s more, I need a superior suits to attend a party which required smartly dressing so that I reluctantly spend 800 dollars on this unnecessary suits. After all, I want to maintain my social cycle