Letter To Upcoming College Students

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Dear Upcoming College Student: College is way more stressful and complicated than high school. High school gives you just a little bit more freedom. Instructors are very lenient as in college whatever assignments are not complete result in a zero. In high school, parents pay all your bills; you have no worries, just go to school and get good grades. Well, I’m here to tell you high school doesn’t necessarily prepare for the stress and workload of college. I would advise you to study, use study methods, try to avoid stress, and plan out your assignments, especially readings. Studying is something everyone doesn’t really like or want to do at all. Maybe you don’t know how to approach studying. Well, I’m here to help. You can start by taking notes, take plenty of notes. Color-code them to help with different topics and key terms. In math classes, you can make flash cards; flash cards are quite simple to make. Flash card can be very essential to studying and you can laminate them and use for other classes as well. Put key terms or important formulas you’d like to remember on these flash cards. Some students find it very essential when repetition is involved. Say what you are going to study, write it down, and then reread what you wrote; that’s studying!
College stress is far greater than high school stress. In high school, you were "babied" told when this assignment was due, constantly reminded of test days and of assignments. Now, you pretty much have to keep up. College is very fast-paced and can cause a heap of stress. There are huge differences between high school and college which cause stress in itself. The areas I find very stressful is deadlines and maybe I wasn't ready for an online class being out of school for ten years. I really need the in-class attention where I can have more contact with an instructor. I find doing all my assignments on time very stressful, I'm such a procrastinator. College stress is different from high school stress because in college I have to pay bills and go to school, in high school I just had to go to school. Stress can kill you is what my grandma always says, this I find very true. Sometimes enjoying a hot breakfast can be the difference between a stressful day and a very productive day. Don’t let stressing in college