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The article “On Campus, Vampires Are Besting the Beats” wrote about how people include college students reading book in the past and nowaday. In 1969, most of student who went college are reading about radical political literature. For example, “soul on Ice” by
Eldridge. In the meantime, for forty years later, nowadays college student read and heard about werewolf howl. The best book that most students are reading right now is “Twilight” and vampire zombie, they are abandon radical political literature. Some of best book seller are
Barack Obama, gag book, comic or satirical essay. Those books above are the example of what college student are reading nowadays. In addition, young adults away from home are reading children book or parents book. They are experiment how to be independent, free and enjoy how the real world would be like for the first time in their life. The most famous book are “steal this book” and it was in paper bestseller in 1971. The reader was inspire by the author by wore black armbands till the new come out that they survived. In 1970 a senior English major at the
University point out shooting student. He want to prove that we are moderate but not liberal like people always think. New survey of college student found that the freshmen identify themselves as conservative or middle of the road. They do not want to stay up arguing about it. They are reading the book that are not popular and will be a better author They are blaming on student. A…