Color Analysis Essay

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Phillip Feist
Film 121
February 17, 2015
Color Analysis Assignment

“The Matrix”
Watching “The Matrix” for the twentieth time, was not like my first time. This time it struck me that I never knew how much thinking goes into every detail of a movie. Instead of watching for enjoyment, this time was for the use of color. I noticed specifically how color was used as an informational agent, part of the story telling, and emotion. “The Matrix” uses these techniques in a unique and interesting way to tell a story. I have seen “The Matrix” a few times and never realized until today that there was a huge difference between the two worlds. The color hue was mainly green, which is one of the primary colors, and is heavily used throughout the movie. The color contrast is used to differentiate the virtual world from the real world in almost a subliminal way that fits perfectly with the theme of the movie. I think the brothers chose green because we can relate to the older dot matrix computers with the black background and green code that gave a green hue to the screen. They used a color additive mixture, by placing a green filter over the lens of the camera. This made everything in the virtual world take on a green saturation. The color green was also used in other ways to let us know that we are either in the virtual world or moving from the real world into the virtual. Some examples were with the use of Morpheus’ bright green tie, the Oracle’s Kitchen decorations and the apron that she wore, and even in the very beginning when green was used in the opening credits. It is established with the use of computer code filtering downward, until it formed the title. We really do not leave the virtual world until Neo takes the red pill, which takes us to reality. The color hue of red is also a primary color and is used sparingly throughout the movie. It was mainly used to point out evil, bad guys, and the truth. The color red was used on a woman in the virtual world of “The Matrix”. This was very contrasting, considering that everyone is wearing black, who wouldn’t lose focus and look at her. The red really brings her out. She serves as a distraction while proving the point that the evil is all around, and you have to be on your guard at all times, never knowing…