Commercial law 1 Hand in Assessment Essay

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Hand-in Assessment for semester 1.
Commercial Law I - Assignment
Due Date: Monday 27th October 2014 (week 7)

Students are required to attempt both part A and part B.
Word-count should be no more than 2,000 words (with the standard university allowance of approximately 10%)

1. This assignment will account for 30% of the overall mark for this Commercial Law One course. If a student fails to submit this written element of the course they will present for the course exam for a maximum of 70% of the total marks available.

2. Late submissions of this assignment will incur the university standard rate of penalty i.e. an immediate deduction of 30% of the total mark awarded.

3. Any Late submissions must be accompanied by documentary evidence indicating why it was late i.e. a medical certificate. It is also advised that any issues or concerns relating to the course or the submission itself should be discussed with mentors, where appropriate.

4. If you have any difficulties with this assignment, please contact the course co-ordinator immediately.

5. Please note that it is a requirement that all coursework information must be submitted through Turnitin Software which will be made available via Vision. If you have any problems or concerns about this please contact your tutor as soon as possible.

As the consequences of misconduct in examinations and all other forms of assessment are severe, the Student Guide to Plagiarism is included for in this handbook for students’ reference. Please download electronic copies at the following links:

For an English language version, please refer to For the Chinese language version, please refer to

For the Arabic language version, please refer to Note on Detection of Plagiarism
Heriot Watt University may require student work to be submitted for checking using plagiarism detection software. This is intended to assist students in identifying possible plagiarism in coursework being submitted for assessment which could otherwise result in disciplinary action being taken against students by the University in accordance with Ordinance 9 (Student Discipline).

For further information, please refer to:

Students should attempt to complete