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Out of sight, out of sync: Understanding conflict in distributed teams

PJ Hinds, DE Bailey - Organization science, 2003 - INFORMS

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Supportive communication

BR Burleson, EL MacGeorge… - … communication, 2002 -

... At the heart of this chapter is a thorough review of theory and research focused on supportive communication. ... these writers argued for a coherent, comprehensive explanation of findings that ranged from the greater incidence of ulcers in rats subjected to electric shock without ...

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Interactivity and communication mode choice in ongoing management groups

MH Zack - Information Systems Research, 1993 -

... TV and other mass broadcast media support little or no interactivity, while electronic mail and ... Zack QQMMQQIQATIQQ Mgpg Q|SQQg5§E FORM FTF EM Interactive Discussion H|GH LOW _ Allernation LOW HIGH FIGURE 2. Expected Frequency of Communication Events. ...

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Top management team demography and process: The role of social integration and communication

KG Smith, KA Smith, JD Olian, HP Sims Jr… - Administrative Science …, 1994 - JSTOR

... one-on-one or group), by telephone, by written notes, or via electronic mail (Katz ... found a positive relationship between group longevity and the level of group communication in project ... that people experienced in working with one another are able to communicate more easily ...

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