Communication for Distance Education Essay

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Chris Gibbs


Kara Moreu

March 19, 2013

Part One

Hey everybody! I was just wanting to let yall know that I was involved in a minor car accident today.
Don’t worry, because I am okay. This dumb guy ran a stop sign and plowed right into the side of my car.
I don’t know where they teach people to drive now a day but he needs some lessons. My car has to be put in the shop for some repairs, and I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions as far as price wise goes. I know that this guy doesn’t have good insurance and they are going to try to make this out to be a minor incident with minimal damage, but it is a big deal that this happened and want my car fixed
ASAP! Any suggestions?

To whom it concerns,

I am writing due to an incident that occurred on August 19, 2012. I am concerned about the damages that were acquired from this incident. I am in need of you contacting me to make arrangements to have my vehicle fixed as soon as possible, and if I may be allowed a rental until the damages are taken care of. I have found several places to have the damages fixed and would like to submit their estimates to the appropriate individual that will be handling this case. I am the victim of a random incident from a driver that insured by this company. Please respond accordingly to handle this situation in a reasonable time frame. Thank you for your time and look forward to your prompt response. Sincerely, Frank Gibbs

Part Two
Anthony’s Dilemma

If I were addressing Anthony’s online tone and etiquette, I would let him know that there are several