Communication in Law Enforcement Essay example

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Communication in Law Enforcement

Discussion Board 2

Liberty University

CJUS 520-B07

Ray Kirby

How can communication be improved in an organization that is structured in a traditional bureaucratic form? To understand how communication can improve within a traditional bureaucratic criminal justice system, one must understand the structure and how communication is dispersed within the respective criminal justice agencies. It is also important to realize that each agency or criminal justice organization has policy and procedures governing how communication is transmitted. (Stojkovic, Stan, Kalinch, David, & Klofas, 2012) Within law enforcement agencies information is passed either up or down the chain of command. Meaning
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This learner during his duties as a police officer, now has direct access to information obtained by dispatchers as it comes in over the computer terminal within the patrol vehicle. This is information to which isn’t always broadcasted via police radio and allows this learner to better handle various calls for service and respond accordingly. Additionally, information/communication can be sent by direct line supervisors to corresponding units to properly allocate resources to a given call for service. This allows for the police radio to be utilized for emergency transmissions. Computerized communication has also allowed for quicker disbursement of information such as policy and procedures updates for persons within the chain of command. This allows information for changes to be received by all within the department simultaneously, rather then slowly trickling down through the chain of command. This is beneficial when changes to policy or other protocols need to be made quickly to circumvent procedure problems. The computerization of communication has effectively allowed for easier and more effect communication within all aspects of law enforcement.
How might computerized communication be ineffective? Computerized communication can be ineffective if information becomes corrupted or is acceptable to manipulation by outside parties, “a skilled hacker can break into computer systems…” (Stojkovic, Stan, Kalinch, David,