Police and Communication Systems Essay

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Communication is a vital part of upholding the safety of our communities. Our communication systems need to be replaced and/or upgraded.
Crime is fast and only getting faster. Our problem is that we have communication systems that are holding us back, and are not in the best interests of our citizens. Another focus needs to be made on increasing communication between law enforcement personnel and citizens.
Purpose and scope
The purpose of this is to upgrade the current communication systems that law enforcement personnel have to better the communication. Also, to help raise awareness of the importance of neighborhood watch.
In this report will be reasons why communications needs to be updated including, the safety of the public, it can help officers respond faster, how it can help during disasters when communication is very important. It will also state how it is very important it would be and how helpful it would be during pursuits of suspects over county and state lines.
I’m assuming that this will do the following:
Communication will be increased and help the overall aspect run smoothly
Officers will be providing better overall protection of their citizens
Such programs like neighborhood watch will be utilized better
Communication: It’s Importance
Communication can help in any facet of law enforcement. The more that law enforcement knows and the fastest it get there is the better.
Speed of Communication
Speed is everything, especially in dangerous chases. When they get tricky is when a chase crosses state lines. Communication is not as fast as it should be when dealing with other jurisdictions when chases go over state lines. This is a example of what could happen when dealing with a crime happening across state lines; a police officer might have to radio information to a dispatcher, who would then pick up a telephone and talk to another dispatcher in an adjoining jurisdiction. The second dispatcher would then radio the information to another patrol officer. This just isn’t time efficient at all. The fastest way to any point is in a straight line, with the newer communication systems it would cut out all the middlemen and maximize the speed at which the officer could receive it and ultimately respond to it.

Clarity of Information

The clarity of this information being relayed to officers is sometimes a life or death situation, so the clarity of the message is a top priority. By having the message go through so many different people, the message can sometimes be misinterpreted. Whether it is messing up some details or misinterpreting the severity of the information could mean all the difference. Replacing the old communication systems with the VoIP systems will not only cut the middlemen out to increase