Community Colleges Advantages

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Community colleges have always been popular to those who are looking for a cheap, more lenient, and affordable way to attend college whether it’s for the first time or returning students who may have taken a break from college or those who chose to work instead. People may go to community colleges because it saves them money on tuition, room and board, and makes it easier for people who work or have children to get too, as well being a good resource for those that are just getting back into college or working on their prerequired classes so they can transfer. Many people often go to community colleges since they are cheaper than four year universities. People who attend community colleges usually have the option to live at home saving them …show more content…
I also decided to go to this college because the tuition is less than that of a private college or state university. Some private college can cost over twenty thousand dollars just for one semester compared to having to only pay three thousand at a community college. Although state college tuitions are cheaper than private schools they can still cost thousands more than community colleges not including the room and board. With so many choices on where someone should go, community colleges are always a good place to start out because of their affordability
Kline 2 to save money before attending a university. Another reason people go to community colleges is for their flexibility whether they have a family with children or are already working and want to further their education and career. Parents who end up having children at a young age are not always able to attend college right away, so as their children get older they may choose a community college because they are more common for those who just want to
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After graduating from high school, I chose to go to one semester of college before realizing I didn’t know what I wanted to do in school, so I stopped going. Three years later when I finally figured out what I wanted to do I went back having to take basic precollege courses at a community college before I could transfer to a university later. People will also go to community colleges when they are at college level but still have prerequired classes they must take before they are to enter their major. Two years ago, when my cousin was in college majoring in computer science he chose a community college to take his math requirements before getting into calculus and getting his associates degree to then transfer to a university. Whether choosing to go to a four-year university or community college the first few semesters may give all the same classes but for different prices leading community colleges the best choice for beginning students. As people look for cheaper alternatives to traditional four-year schools, community colleges are becoming more popular for first year or returning students who may have taken a break from college, as well as parents who just haven’t had the appropriate time to attend college because of taking care of their