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Starting my senior year in high school I had to consider whether to go right into a four-year university or to a community college. Some argue that one receives a better education by starting in a university; however, others argue that its smarter to start at a community college because you save money while receiving the same education for the first two years. The only news I heard about community college during high school was that if you got a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better, you could receive two free years paid for at the community college. My high school did good job of promoting and telling us about other options we had for receiving help financially since the majority didn’t have a 3.5 or better. There were many programs and class sessions you could attend to start working on scholarships and applications for college. Thanks to the help I received, I chose to go right into a four-year university, but high school students today looking to go to college need to think about their futures. American high school students today should attend a four-year university rather than a community college because by attending a four-year school they have a greater chance of not only graduating, but finding a job they love upon graduation.
Community colleges accept the majority who apply, but what most students don’t know is that public four-year universities ALSO have high acceptance rates. The University of Oregon in Eugene has an acceptance rate of 85% for incoming freshman, and of the 16,000 accepted a good 86% finished their freshman year and continued their education. (HOW MANY OF THOSE FRESHMEN GRADUATE? THE UO DOESN’T ACCEPT 16,000 EACH YEAR, THOUGH – I’M A LITTLE CONFUSED) After graduation 80% of the graduates either continue on to graduate school or become employed (UO Facts). Numbers don’t lie, and the facts are that you have a good chance of not only attending the four-year university of your dreams but getting a job after you graduate. With the way the economy is going today, earning a degree and getting a higher paying job pays offs because without a degree you might settle for a job at Wal-Mart or McDonald’s which are temporary and a hassle. Jennifer McLaughlin, a current worker at Wal-Mart, says, “the way they pay you, you cannot make it by yourself without having a second job or someone to help you, unless you’ve been there for 20 years or you’re a manager” (Olsson 607). The money that the employees are earning is not compensatory to the work they are assigned to do by their bosses. Why go through similar situations? Would you rather be working two jobs to make a living or one simple job which you love? It’s not hard to get into a four-year university, the acceptance rates are high, so why not think about your future and get a degree which can lead you to a better and more secure future financially. I’M NOT SURE YOU CAN MAKE THE SITUATOIN SO BLACK-AND-WHITE FOR ALL – THE MOST AVAILABLE JOBS RIGHT NOW ARE THOSE THAT REQUIRE A TWO-YEAR DEGREE, BUT YOU’RE ARGUING IT’S ALL OR NOTHING.
TRANSITION The average cost of tuition at a four-year university is roughly $8,500 and the cost keeps going up while the cost of tuition at community college is an amazing $2,900(Fast Facts). Then you add another $10,000 for room and board and the average cost for attending a four year school is $20,000 plus or minus (UO Facts). While attending a community college allows you to stay home and not pay room and board, it may have a greater economic cost down the line. You’re spending more money by attending a four-year university, but not only are you there to get an education, living on campus can bring a lot of options to the table. There is just so much to do, like when you go to a buffet and can’t decide where to start because there is so much food; college is the same. You have Greek life, intermural sports, and clubs in universities that you just don’t see in a community college. People argue that Greek life is nothing but partying and