Community Correction Paper

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Community Correction Paper

May 27, 2012
CJS/230 – Introduction to Corrections

Community corrections programs are to oversee offenders outside of jail or prison, and are administered by agencies or courts with the legal authority to enforce sanctions. Such community corrections programs are probation and parole. There are also sub-programs that are parts of community corrections; such programs are drug-involved offenders, sex offender programs, and electronic monitoring technologies.

Probation programs are correctional programs that are supervised within the community rather than jails or prisons. Parole programs for offenders are periods of conditional, supervised release from prison. By using such programs as these,
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According to a 2009 International Centre for Prison Studies report, there are an estimated 9,800,000 people held in penal institutions in the world, with prison populations increasing 71 percent. Rates of malnutrition, disease, and death among prisoners and other detainees far exceed those of the general population, and medical treatment for serious illness or injury is non-existent or grossly inadequate. Severe overcrowding in prisons and other detention facilities compounds conditions. Excessive pre-trial detention and dysfunctional justice systems frequently result in prisoners and other detainees spending years in such conditions before their cases are adjudicated. In some countries, such facilities are filled to capacity many times over resulting in conditions so cramped that individual prisoners cannot move without all doing so en masse. Some foreign governments fail to provide sanitation in their prisons and detention facilities, putting prisoners and detainees at great risk of preventable and life-threatening diseases. There are no rights to permit prisoners to have reasonable exercise of religious worship or contact with family members or visitors.

The prison system in foreign countries aim to provide human rights, this might be due to a considerable amount of international law that recognizes the rights of all prisoners. Prisons are penal