The Importance Of Wellness Programs

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How We Rank Nationally

Wellness Programs

After completing the research of my community I have found that we have a very young population in the city and county area. Many of these residents are primarily in the age range of 15-64 years old where they could be reached in a number of ways with marketing. The average person has a cell on them at all times that they use to keep in contact with loved ones whether it’s via a phone call, text message or social media app on their device. Most people in that particular age group would be active on at least one type of social media where they could see an advertisement in their news feed or off to the side. Billboards or advertisement within the shopping mall could help because many people are looking for ads about sales and they would be likely to view our health care ad while walking. Television and radio commercials are also very helpful so long as they are short and to the point. If either is too lengthy you lost interest from the consumer and they are quick to change the channel if it seems like a lot of information is being put out to them. Those would be the best routes to reach our community, any other way would be too intrusive and consumers could take offense to flyers all over their car, in their mail box or emails flooding their inbox.


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Kern County, California.