Windshield Survey Essay

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Windshield Survey of Lake Worth, Florida
NUR 405
June 10, 2013

Windshield Survey of Lake Worth Florida

As nurses we know medical professionals more than ever are responsible for treating large diverse populations. Understanding cultural differences in various populations is crucial to produce positive outcomes. Nurses have a major role in health care promotion. Nurses should be treating the patient as a whole in mind, body, and spirit. This should be included in community treatment too. Individual, family, environment, and community assessments are necessary to provide the care and improve health care outcomes in the community as a whole. The World Health Organization’ s (WHO) definition of community is “a group of
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No major areas of decay are present. The historical town is old but well maintained and operational. It is a well talked about and a tourist area. Transportation throughout the city includes Amtrak for long commutes, personal vehicles, and the bus. As many people travel on bicycles the buses are equipped with bike racks to help in the daily commute. Elderly people use community vans to travel to and from the doctor and to the grocery store.
The City-Data (2011), reports three hospitals within two miles of the city. Other area hospitals range from five to 15 miles. Further education is obtainable in the immediate area. Community members have access to multiple colleges. Clinics, pharmacies, retail, and groceries stores are in abundance in this area. Shopping malls are a little further to reach. There are a vast amount of ethic groceries that accommodate Haitians, Hispanics, Indians, and Chinese. Homeless people are everywhere and Lake Worth is different there are panhandlers, sitting out outside the bus stops, and gas stations. In the Lake Worth area the Catholic and Jewish religions are the largest, followed by people that are Southern Baptist. In the Hispanic population religion is very important their family structure.
Aspects that affect this community’s health in this area would be obesity, Diabetes, smoking, and heart disease. I say this because the area is