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It is one of the most difficult, challenging, and emotional jobs. It is also one of the most rewarding, fun, and loving jobs. Nursing is a very difficult career, but the nurses who choose it believe that it is more than worth it. Nurses must do many difficult, sometimes dirty, jobs. In the end though, one nurse, Lottie Havens, speaks for the majority when she says the rewards she gets, is way worth the unappealing tasks.
Lottie Havens is a nurse at Spoon River Home Health
Services. She is a registered nurse so she makes home visits when needed, signs patients up for services, and fills out and files paperwork in the office. Lottie also teaches the two week
CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) classes that Spoon River Home
Health offers. Lottie loves her job as a nurse. Her favorite part is that no two days are the same. Some days she is in the office, others she is in the office, or she may be in the classroom. The constant change in her day to day duties guarantees that she’s never bored, constantly challenged, and mentally stimulated every day.
Lottie chose to become a nurse because she loves people and taking care of them. Working at Spoon River Home Health has been a wonderful job so far. At Spoon River she visits people in

their homes. By visiting the clients at their homes, they are able to help many people stay there instead of going into the nursing home or having to move in with a family member. Working in a home is so much different than seeing patients in a professional health care facility. For starters, Lottie gets to work one on one with the patient. She makes sure that every client receives optimal care. In a facility, the one nurse could possibly be caring for twenty­five different patients and trying to care for all of them and watch everyone’s call lights can be very challenging. Working in the home setting is also easier on the worker physically. Although there is a lot of standing, and helping the client move around, in a healthcare facility there is a lot of patient transfers and lifts. It is not necessarily easier because there are many challenges that may potentially arise in the home, where they wouldn’t in a hospital. For example, if an emergency were to happen the worker is alone in the home and does not have all of the resources that a hospital would have. Another issue is, sometimes, the patients home.
Everyone has a certain way of doing things and it takes time to adjust to the client’s schedule and how they clean, do laundry, bathe, and cook. Despite these issues, Lottie says that she loves her job, challenges and all.

Lottie also teaches the CNA class. The CNA class is offered every couple of months. It is from 9 to 3, Monday through
Friday, for two weeks. She likes teaching the class because she gets to meet a lot of new people and help them learn a new skillset which may help them get a job in their new career field. Teaching has always been a passion of hers, and by teaching the class she gets to experience a teaching career also. One reason that lottie wanted to become a nurse was because of the flexibility of hours. Spoon River Home Health is a private service so