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L. Ron Hubbard- the original founder of the church of scientology. Started as a science fiction writer who wrote Dienetics. Later found that he could lead a so-called religion and spread the word on his visions. Most aspects of Scientology focus on becoming clear and realizing ones true potential.
Dianetics- a set of ideas and practices regarding the metaphysical relationship between the mind and body which was created by L. Ron Hubbard and is practiced by followers of Scientology and separate independent Dianeticist groups. Hubbard coined Dianetics from the Greek stems dia, meaning "through," and nous, meaning "mind". Dianetics has achieved no acceptance as a scientific theory and is an example of a pseudoscience
Church of Scientology- church founded by L. Ron Hubbard who was originally a science fiction writer. Would later engage in a battle with the IRS over becoming a tax exempt entity. After a long battle that consisted of thousands of lawsuits, the church was granted tax exemption and considered a religious organization rather than a money-making business organization.
Auditing- the act of members of the church of scientology being monitored as they answer questions. Hoping to release the negativity from their lives to become “Clear”. Reaching this level of clear is what enables one to truly realize their true potential and get rid of all events holding them back in life. e-meter- the device that monitors members of scientology as they answer questions. The meter, when used by a trained Scientologist, is claimed to reflect or indicate whether or not a person has been relieved from spiritual impediment of past experiences.[5] Officials within Scientology assert that the E-meter is intended for use only in church-sanctioned auditing sessions and is in itself not a curative or medical device.
OT III (the Xenu story)- according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who 75 million years ago brought billions of his people to Earth (then known as "Teegeeack") in a DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology scriptures hold that the thetans (immortal spirits) of these aliens adhere to humans, causing spiritual harm.
Black Elk Speaks:
Black Elk- medicine man and holy man of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux). Had a vision when he was 9 years old after he became ill and unresponsive. He learned many things in his vision to help heal his people. Even though he converted to Catholicism later in his life, he shared his vision with John Neihardt who would write “Black Elk Speaks”.
John Neihardt- the man that took account of all of Black Elk’s vision and life. Provided an extended look into Black Elk’s vision. As Neihardt recounts, Black Elk shared his life's narrative, including his sacred visions and some of the Oglala rituals he had performed. The two men developed a close friendship.
The Great Vision- some people cling to ideas in times of change. Black Elk offered thoughts to help his people that were in need of direction. His vision was the appearance of six “grandfathers” representing each of the six directions. He is taken to the center of the earth and is given wisdom.
Sacred hoop- everything in the universe wants to be round. Power of the world is in a circle, including nature and the seasons.
Sun Dance- 4 day ceremony in summer, also before battle. Dancers prepare by fasting and sweat lodge.
Ghost Dance- As Neihardt recounts, Black Elk shared his life's narrative, including his sacred visions and some of the Oglala rituals he had performed. The two men developed a close friendship.
Wounded Knee- Black Elk survived this. Not much is known what caused it but a massacre of 200-300 Lakota people along with about 50 american soldiers. Differing stories from each side and helped to shape Black Elk into the man that shared his vision.
Hindu Tradition:
Vedas- “revealed knowledge”. Written from