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Consumers speak with their wallet; it does not really matter if there are some positive reviews (Brandweek’s Todd Wasserman)
-Machines at production factories have switched to making the new boxes
1. Stick with current design
2. Design another box
3. Return to the old design

Decision criteria:
-Likely hood of turning around the declining sales
-The cost of changing design to an old or another new one
-Possibility of gaining back market share
--Presence of the brand in stores
Preferred Alternative:
3. Return to the old design
-The smallest group of loyal consumers can cause the largest backlash; the less consumers can follow the opinions of people who are the “loudest.” If Pepsi sits and waits on the issue they will end up losing more market share as loyal consumers don’t tend to sway their opinion if they feel violated; the less loyal ones hear the backlash and follow suit.
-Less costly than creating a new design and the potential loss from the continuously declining sales
-The safest design; it has worked for them up until this point there is no need to change a brand that people can identify (it’s been around for 20 years)
-Reverting the machines to produce the old designs should

Find information in the form of articles, speeches, papers, charts, cartoons, or other creative format of information.

Using different items of information, such as newspapers (Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post…), magazines (the Economist, World Trade…), the Internet (be sure to include author and web site), or other creative sources. The content of information must be relevant to the International Business Environment and related to the content of the BUSM 37844 course. Part 1 content will be assessed on and must include up to Week 6.

The due date of your “In the News” assignment (Part 1) is due on: