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Company I would open

The business that I would like to open up one day is a beauty salon combined with a barbershop. I would like to name this business Ramirez’ Salon. I will provide services for men, women, and kids.
I would like to combine both the beauty salon for women, and the barbershop for men, all in one place. I would like to split the building in half and have the males in the front and the females in the back. The reason for that being is, I find it uncomfortable as a woman to be getting my haircut and my hair done in front of men because our hair tends to go all crazy before it ends up looking beautiful and if I set females in the back that gives them the chance to hide in a way while they are being beautified and by the time they come out they already look beautiful. Men shouldn’t have a problem being in the front since their cuts are usually always similar to what they already have usually just shortening the length and maybe adding certain style or design.
Having a beauty salon and a barbershop all in one place makes it convenient for families to come in all at once and get their hair cut or hair done. Some males’ don’t mind getting their hair cut in a regular beauty salon but a lot of men like to go to barbershops because they feel they are getting more for their money and the men there really know what they are doing with their male customers. Ladies don’t go to a barbershop and get their hair done they go to a beauty salon and get beautified. That…