Tanglewood Case 3: Recruiting

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Tanglewood Case Study 3: Recruiting
1. Recruitment Guide for Store Associates
Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Shift Leaders, Department Managers, Store Manager, and Regional Manager
Qualifications: All are welcome to apply
*Having a basic knowledge of retail and customer service principles is a plus
Relevant labor market: Washington and Oregon
Timeline: None- continuous recruiting
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:
Local newspapers, radio, television
Post job opening on company website
Employ a staffing agency
Make positions available at state job services
Request employee referrals
Staff members involved:
HR Recruiting Manager
Regional Manager
Department Managers
Shift Leaders
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This shows a lack of care and even a lack of interest in the job itself. If an employee is on time and never absent it shows that they are recruiting the best employees for Tanglewood. For the store associate position it is crucial that they are there and on time to be on the job during their specific shift. Additional metrics for employee performance could possibly be personal appearance, manager appraisal, adherence to policy, creativity, and overall quality of work performed.
The managerial focus groups’ concerns fit with many of these considerations. Since the most pressing concern is reducing employee turnover, manger appraisal could help this problem. If store associates are always getting positive feedback from managers and told when they do a good job, it will make them feel wanted and improve job satisfaction, which in return will keep them at the job longer. Mangers also would like to see messages more specifically targeted to types of people who are likely to fit in with the culture of this organization. If they find employees who fit with the culture they will be more interested and dedicated to the company. They will be on time to work and get work on in a timely manner.
Branded Message: Organizations with a brand message try to portray to potential applicants how great it is to work at this specific organization. An organization’s employment brand is closely tied to its product market image. The goal