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Susie Homemaker
English 099
Prof. Goodspeed
November 17, 2012

Choices in Life:
Effects of Being a Nurse In Today’s Economy

“All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.” (Walt Disney) I have made many good and bad decisions in my lifetime. Since making the decision of becoming a LPN right out of high school, wanting a rewarding career with financial stability, and starting my education at Goodwin College; this has paved a pathway for me, professionally. Pursuing my goal to become a nurse, is one of the best decisions I have made for my life because of the great benefits that come with the job. Nursing has benefits such as job security, financial stability, and the nature of having a career in healthcare.

Although I always had goals to attend college after high school; my choice wasn’t always nursing, but teaching. However, my girlfriends were interested in going to this small college that provided a licensed practical nurse program. We all decided to go together; this was because we also had gone to a short certified nurse’s aide course previously. During nursing school, I fell in love with the healthcare field. My decision lead to my career path changing direction.

As a result, going to college and getting my nursing license has rewarded me toward better financial stability. Having a job in the healthcare field, especially as a nurse, has many benefits; a nurse’s salary is very good. Before becoming a LPN, I resided with my mother. Now I am more independent because I make more money and have become financially stable; I also no longer live with my mother. This was a great decision and career choice. I waited a few years after becoming a LPN,