Essay on Compare and Contrast

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Meltem Colak
Professor Harrington
Psych 101
27 February 2013
Anxiety is a termed used for disorders such as nervousness, fear and worrying. Anxiety sauces physical behavioral change in people. Anxiety is often caused by people who have panic attacks or worry severely about anything. Anxiety cause flight responses throughout the body, as facial expressions are one of them. There are many different kinds of anxiety and the most generalized anxiety is often treated with clinical help. Anxiety is actually an emotion. Researchers have identified that humans have to be tested for validation. Psychologist for many years debated anxiety and fear in humans
Anxiety is often caused by fear also. Panic Attack is another disorder that leads to anxiety. They have also determined that these emotions with anxiety and fear can be separated. Because of limitations, psychologist determined that fear and anxiety separations couldn’t be tested with personality questioners.
Researchers have conducted many ways to study anxiety within humans. They tested emotions of humans in threatening situations to see how they reacted. Facial expressions of humans were always attracted to the psychologist for centuries. Mead, a psychologist in the 1900, is viewed facial expression are culturally determined. Human emotions were not hereditary. To determine facial expressions of anxiety, they developed an experiment with participants. With forty participants, each was giving scenarios. They took pictures of the participants and how they reacted to each scenario. The researchers however didn’t see this as the actual research because the participants may have not been reliable with the scenarios. Each expression that was giving was a normal reaction how any human would have responded with fear, excitement and happiness. The researchers developed ways to add different kinds of emotions in to the scenarios so that each participant was telling the truth. To create the images that were formed, researchers picked participants who were unaware of the scenarios, made them read it while the webcam took their facial expressions.
The procedure was that each participant was seated lonely at a computer with each scenario. They had to write down their responses and choose and expression that best fit in to how they felt. The researchers identified that each participant that came to the fear slide, their eyes moved. Anxiety was determined in the face with the eyes turning left and right and with the head turning.
A second experiment was conducted with whole new different participants. Each participant was unaware of being tested. As a result, anxiety was not determined to be a synonym of fear. Anxiety determined for worry and concern in humans. The researches came to a conclusion that emotional face expressions can evolve from functional movements in the body.
The two experiments rodent style and environmental scanning determined that each person can develop their own expression in to how they perceive things. In the history, the scientists have viewed that anxiety and fear were interchangeable motions. Modern