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Castro 1
Olivia Castro BLOCK
Ms. Kathy Norris
English 101
April 17, 2014
I Fall in Love Every Year I have to admit that I love living in New England because of its seasons. Each one represents itself perfectly! After living in New England for nearly ten years, fall is certainly the best season of them all; it beats the heat of summer, the icy and snowy winter, and the rainy spring. Other than fall being the season before the dreadful winter, I can’t think of any other downfall of the season. The best things to look forward to with the start of fall are the weather, change in outfits, food, and holidays. In contrast, the spring bores me when I think of those same areas that I look forward to in the fall. The fall is the best season when it comes to weather. While one might wonder why I feel this way, I wonder how he/she couldn’t agree. For one, the air smells clean and crisp. It is so refreshing, especially after the hot summer months. Secondly, I can walk outside without sweating bullets. Lastly, the most amazing aspect of fall is when the leaves start changing color; from their bright green color to a slew of vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. Early in the fall, I can finally save some money on my electricity bill because I can take out the air conditioner; instead, I crack open a window to allow the cool fall air into the house. The fall has all around amazing weather. Spring, on the other hand, has a reputation for an extreme amount of rain. The rainy season impedes on the joys of being outdoors. Then, there are those days when it is raining and so windy that everything on the deck flies around the yard during the night; when I wake up in the morning there’s ice and snow mixed, covering everything in sight –just lovely! Spring is also famous as allergy season. While all the new blooming plants are beautiful, it also brings on an outbreak of pollen. I can go get a $10.00 car wash, go to work for 6 hours, and come outside to a yellow car. Mind you, my car is silver – not yellow. If I leave my window cracked in the spring, so that I’m not getting into a sauna later in the day, I end up getting into a car with a powder coat of pollen. Then I end up with a couple weeks of sneeze attacks, watery eyes, and a runny nose. The only positive thing about this is that with the amount of sneezing that occurs, I form killer abs. Allergies and rain is not my opinion of a great season. By the end of summer, I find myself getting antsy to pull out my skinny jeans, boots, light jackets, and scarves. With the variety of weather patterns during the fall, I find that there are so many options and variations that I can make with my wardrobe. This makes it fun to dress in the fall! On a really nice day in early fall, I can still wear my shorts and short-sleeved shorts, but I love that I don’t sweat after being outdoors for just five minutes! I can go outside one day and wear a cute short-sleeved blouse, with a nice pair of capris, paired with any of my Toms. On a cooler day, I might go out with my skinny jeans, a lightweight long-sleeved shirt, a light scarf, and a pair of cute boots. The great thing about the beginning to mid-fall is that no hats or gloves are necessary until the winter is about to set in. In the spring, I feel like it can sometimes be confusing as to what I should wear. I have the mindset that winter has ended, but it can still be very cold; I can’t quite yet put away my winter coats, gloves, wool socks, hats, and furry boots. When it rains, I have to dig out my rain coat. When it’s a very cold day, I have to wear my winter boots to keep my feet from freezing, along with a thick pair of wool socks. Then there are those really nice days during the spring; then you have to dig out those boxes that have been stored away for several months. The spring is just very complicated when it comes to deciding how to dress. The fall is well-known for a whole new theme of foods than any other throughout the year. My favorites