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The message and lyrics on today’s hip hop are totally different than what they were 30 years ago. It could be because our way of life has evolved or the difference in times. Though rap and hip hop have evolved different they have similar routes. Despite their differences they are both very popular, they involve the use of spoken words over music instead of singing. They are heavily influenced by other genres of music. 30 years ago we had famous hip hop groups called the poets and their lyrics and messages were only about racism and freedom to the black men. Rap grew among the African Americans and Latino Americans community. Hip hop came from New York City and Los Angeles area. When in today’s hip hop industry we have rappers like drake and Lil Wayne rap about the dream is cars and clothes. Rap music consists of topical rhyme verses recited over a recorded or live instrumental background. Southern hip hop is a blanket term for a subgenre of American hip hop music that emerged in the Southern United States. Hip hop express hope for the future. Rap is a tool used to express current events. Rap is a kind of music in the hip hop culture. Hip hop and rap differ in three main features; musical attributes, culture and community message. Hip hop is a lifestyle that includes rap, graffiti, art, break dancing and DJing. Hip hop as a musical melting pot is still evolving. Rap is a form of music that stemmed from hip hop culture. Hip hop is a routine with its own lingo.