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Although I like living in Oklahoma; moving to Oklahoma from California wasn’t an easy move. It wasn’t a small change it was a bigger one due to the differences that both states have. They are different because of the climate, the things to do, and the cost of living. Yet they are similar in the sense that both states are my home because home is where the heart is. California’s climate is really different from Oklahoma’s climate. The state is known as the golden state. It’s known for being sunny California with the beautiful perfect beach weather. I lived in southern California where it was always beautiful. In the summer it’s sunny and warm perfect to go tanning. The temperature above 100 degrees with no humidity .In the “winter” season it hardly ever gets lower than 60 degrees with only rain and no snow .Opposed to Oklahoma the bipolar state; where the weather changes are drastic from hot hot weather to the extreme cold. In the summer the temperature can rise to 114 with hudmidty that can cut through glass and make anyone feel sticky. In the winter it can get below zero with snow, ice, and freezing rain.
Things to do as a teenager have changed when I moved to Oklahoma. In California there is a wide range of activities that can be done; like hiking, going to the beach, Disney land and much more. My favorite thing to do had to be was going to the beach and swimming all day. Also, in California I was able to surf at the beach opposed to Oklahoma. In Oklahoma I had to change what I liked doing just a bit because there is no beach. Oklahoma has lakes to swim at though which I also like doing because I still get to swim. In Oklahoma there is more horseback riding than there is in southern California. That’s the activity I like to do now that I am in living in Oklahoma which is riding horses. In a sense I still kept the fact that I am riding something; may not be a surf board but instead it’s a horse. Lastly, is the biggest difference of all the cost of living in each state is a huge difference and the main reason why I moved in the first place. In California opportunities are larger but the cost of living is higher. An average one bedroom apartment in California is about 1,000 dollars a month not including the rest of the bills. The gas for cars is higher a