Comparison Essay

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Comparison Essay
Amy Danek
May 24, 2015
Eric Shark
Comparison Essay

Analytic philosophy is a broad category; it emphasized on clarity and argument. Some of topics that analytic philosophy targets are analyzing language, forming logical explanations, and supporting natural sciences (Mastin, Analytic Philosophy, 2008). An example would be analytical jurisprudence law; it focuses on the logical structure of law, tries to understand the real nature of law in the modern world, and rejects idealism. Analytic philosophy originated from Cambridge University and Oxford University (Mastin, Analytic Philosophy, 2008). The opposite of analytical philosophy is continental philosophy. Continental philosophy believes in things like phenomena, Kantianism, German Idealism, historicism, Marxism, and feminism (Mastin, Contintental Philosophy, 2008). Continental philosophy is the opposite of analytic philosophy, therefore it doesn’t support natural sciences as being the biggest explanation. Continental philosophy doesn’t have a clear definition besides the fact that it was created to strongly oppose analytic philosophy (Mastin, Contintental Philosophy, 2008). Pragmatism is a style of philosophy that focuses on things like consequences and the scientific method (Mastin, Pragmatism , 2008). The school of pragmatism was created in the late 19th century by Charles Sanders Peirce as a counter to metaphysical theories. It was then divided into the sub-schools of Neo-Classical Pragmatism, Neo-Pragmatism, and French Pragmatism (Mastin, Pragmatism , 2008).
On the topic of abortion, analytic philosophy suggests that abortion should be analyzed first. It needs to be clear that there is a live fetus and it could potentially be a human. The law clearly states that it is illegal to kill a human, therefore it’s not analytically correct to kill the fetus by aborting it. Continental philosophy is the opposite of analytical philosophy and supports feminism. They believe it’s the woman’s choice to decide whether