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Today, most major automotive corporations are able to run efficiently through the standardization of certain documents. These documents are used for direction, learning avenues, employee process requirements, and some federally man dated documentation. Although some of these documents have many similarities, the intended audience of reference varies from an entry level technician to a chief engineer. Although there is a broad spectrum of users, the documents are usually designed, written and edited by the employees themselves. A task instruction sheet is a detailed step-by-step instruction to complete a specific job or task. This sheet allows an employee to complete the needed task through a set of steps that was designed for a no fault, no failure accomplishment. The design of a task instruction sheet was formulated through a trial and error process from employees who are considered experts in their particular field. The level of diction used in these sheets is semi-formal with the extended use of technical jargon based upon the job or task at hand. This jargon is used to determine certain areas that will need concentration from the working employee. An industry that is based upon standardization is routinely scrutinized by some sort of higher authority. Usually these higher authorities look for main issues regarding safety. A pre-task allows a floor level employee through upper management to have the same safety opportunities. A team of industrial engineers shadow the employee during a new test setup, purged testing removal, and daily routines to get an idea of any possible safety hazards that could occur during a normal work day. The writing of this pre-task plan takes some time as it needs to be used for all employees that could encounter this particular situation. Both a task instruction sheet and a pre-task plan are required to be standardized to the expected use of General Motors LLC. General Motors LLC uses these documents as training devices, laboratory interior communication, and other needed documentation. Both sheets are used as instructions to complete a needed task. A task instruction sheet is more used for a process of elimination in completing a goal, where as a pre-task plan is used to prevent an awkward movement, unsafe situation or an inability to start and complete a task. The reason for the separation of the two documents is to specify a use. A pre-task plan made for a technician starting a test that uses rotating equipment and heat sources would be detailed and exact as safety is the overriding priority. A testing engineer reading the same document may come to a point where the understanding and usable processes stop, as this document is not specified to their field of work. A task instruction sheet being used by a scripting engineer will also be very detailed and show each step being used to complete the task. In the attempt to complete the same task, a technician may stumble as the technical jargon being used is unfamiliar. These specific documents have certain intended audiences and particular uses throughout the company. Attempting to mix these documents with each other could create and area of uncertainty due to not being standardized to one area of work. Although both documents have a relative goal relationship, the documents themselves could not be any more different. The success of worker safety, organization and standardization are all the key elements to the proper performance and use of these documents.

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