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Comprehensive Essay

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Texas Government
Texas is a state in the Southern part of the United States. The state takes the 2nd place by the territory (696,241 km2) after Alaska and the 2nd place in terms of the population (25,674,681 people) after California. It is one of the main centers of the US education, agriculture, animal husbandry, gas, oil, and chemical industries, and financial institutions. Austin is the capital of the state. Since Texas joined the United States as an independent state, it is the only state that has the right to arrange a referendum on independence. Also, the flag of Texas is the only one that has the right to be on the flagpoles at the same level with the federal. The modern Texas Constitution, which was adopted in 1876, is the second largest among the constitutions of all states. Like many other state constitutions, it clearly separates the branches of government and includes a set of rights in the main text. Texas’ set of rights is longer and more detailed than the rules of the United States.
Traditional culture of the state was actively influenced by the Old South plantation culture. The primary role of that government was seen in preserving public order. Some problems in society were addressed in the context of a local problem with the expectation that the person must solve his/her own problems. These factors continue to influence the Texas’ government today.
However, Texas government strives to implement laws that will favor the welfare of its citizens. Thus, the economy of Texas is one of the largest and fastest growing economies of the US states. Tax burden in the state is one of the lowest in the country. Moreover, Texas law prohibits cities and regions of the state to impose individual income tax. Business, except for individual entrepreneurs and partnerships, is taxed on gross profit. The growth of the state's economy is fueled by the availability of a wide range of jobs, low cost and high standard of living, and lack of state taxes, preferential tax treatment of business, and the weak interference in the business. However, there are flaws in Texas regulations. Particularly, Texas is a state with the law enshrining the right to work, labor unions, and cheap labor. The employer is not required to render workers' compensation for injuries at work despite the fact that Texas is one of the leaders in the number of work-related injuries. There are thousands of illegal immigrants from Latin America.
Despite this, Mandel states that “Texas is always looking for ways to further support individual liberties” (n.p.). Thus, Texas defended the Second Amendment since it was related to anti-gun control laws. The government has already provided some of the least restrictive laws on gun possession in the country. Though silencers, machine guns, zip guns, explosive weapons, and sawed-off shotguns are prohibited, waiting period for the purchases of gun is not accepted. The qualified candidates have the right to carry firearm with a permit.
Many other bills were adopted to secure Texas citizens. In particular, House Bill 1076 includes measures that actively preserve the rights of the citizens and increase the capability of the police of protecting the public. It significantly prohibits municipal or state law officers from enforcing particular federal gun control laws (Mandel, n.p.). House Bill 972 allows carrying handguns in public institutions. House Bill 1304 protects handgun holders from being punished for accidentally showing a handgun. To this day, there are many remote villages or isolated houses to get to which the police need 15-30 minutes. In this situation, people rely on their weapons. Therefore, the major part of the population supports the old laws.
Texas protects patient rights of its population. The Texas