Comprehensive Sex Education Research Paper

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Many people feel uncomfortable when faced with the subject of “The birds and the bees” (Martin), or the answer to the question: where do babies come from? Neither parents nor their children want to talk about sex, and this awkwardness makes comprehensive sexual education a necessity in public school. Furthermore, Comprehensive Sex Education is the best method for teaching teens about sex, compared to Abstinence-Only programs. Many people claim that Comprehensive Sex Education promotes promiscuity and pressures teens to engage in sexual intercourse, neither of which is true. Sex education for teenagers is essential to their physical and mental health.
Comprehensive Sex Education is a sexual education program that promotes contraceptive use and proper communication if students make the choice to have sex (Alford 4). This program teaches that sexual abstinence is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, infections,
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The message of many anti-sex sex ed videos comes from demonstrations such as Shelly Donahue’s example of sticking a piece of tape to many different male student’s arms, then showing how it “loses its bonding power. Other metaphors for sexually active students include used toothbrushes, old gum, or dirty sneakers(Oliver). This constant pro-abstinence message that sex makes those who have it less whole, dirty, or disgusting is an atrocity. Oliver claims that these messages cause damage for any student subjected to it and gives Elizabeth Smart as an example. As a survivor of sexual assault, she was very offended when her teacher used the old gum metaphor because she felt even more devalued than before. This method promotes the idea that victims of sexual assault are dirty and less than whole as someone who has had sex. Comprehensive sex education does not use these fear tactics and prefers to use positive methods when discussing more sensitive