Compromise Of 1877 To The 1960's

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America has gone through many ups and downs as a nation. We've had our flaws and our success stories but through it all we’re still considered, by many, as the greatest country in the world. Three major items to discuss about America's past are Jim Crow laws, the Compromise of 1877, and Plessy v. Ferguson and the effect they've had on our nation. Between the years 1877 and 1960 those three events had a significant impact on perpetuating racial unrest in our county. The Compromise of 1877 gave African Americans the right to vote and helped elect President Rutherford Hayes. Plessy v. Ferguson declared separate but equal laws of segregation including things like “colored” bathrooms among other things. Jim Crow laws further solidified segregation by imposing voting laws and other segregation laws. …show more content…
The compromise was all about resolving the election of 1876 between republican nominee Rutherford Hayes and democratic nominee Samuel Tilden. After the civil war there had been troops stationed in southern states to keep things under control. The south greatly wanted these troops removed from their states and with the election looming they saw a perfect opportunity. The republicans knew that the democrats wanted the troops removed from the south. Therefore they made a compromise that if the south were to accept the results of the election, that Rutherford was the president, they would remove the troops. This essentially gave Rutherford the election and marked the end of the reconstruction era. This allowed the south to start moving forward with segregation