Confederation Of The Constitution Dbq

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“ Having to declare their independence the colonies needed to establish a governmental structure. In November 1777 the Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, the United States first written Constitution. Although it was not ratified by all the States until 1781. It was the country's operative Constitution for almost 12 years, until March 1789.” (Ginsberg 35). The concepts presented in the Constitution came from various divergent enlightenment thinkers and their philosophies such as John Locke and Voltaire. Most of the Constitution was inspired by John Locke and his idea of the people getting to select their leaders. In 1777 the Continental Congress espoused the Articles of Confederation, but was not ratified until 1871. Furthermore, this was rapidly changed and interchanged when the Constitution was drafted and ratified in 1787. (THESIS HERE) …show more content…
These 17 powers include the powers to collect taxes, coin money, declare war, and regulate commerce.”(Ginsberg 67). Furthermore, Article 8 of the constitution contains important source of power for the national government which are the implied powers that allow Congress “To make laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution for foregoing powers.”(Ginsberg 67). The Constitution authorized the national government to expand substantially the extent of its authority. Under the articles of confederations the national government also had the ability to appoint the senior officers of the U.S Army but could not regulate commerce among the states or charge taxes. Furthermore, The articles of confederation conceived America's first national government composed of a Congress, “which had the power to sign treaties, to coin or borrow money, declare war, make alliances and regulate trade with the Native Americans.” (Ginsberg