Conflict: Customer Management Essay

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Strategies to implement change. Making Riordan employees work together towards the success of implementing one customer management system will take time and cooperation from managers and subordinates. A good idea would be to implement the changes over the course of twelve months. During this time Riordan should educate and communicate to employees the importance of a customer management system. Robbins explains how communicating the logic of a change can reduce employee resistance (Robbins, pg.594). Robbins also explains how employees who receive the full facts and clear up misunderstandings are more likely to be less resistant to the change; communication can also sell the need for the change (Robbins, pg.594) Riordan could spend a couple of months passing information to their employees about the changes to come and the advantages these changes will bring for both the employees and Riordan’s customers.
Riordan could also build support for the employees. Riordan should create a training course where employees are shown step by step how to use the new system to avoid errors, as well as reduce the fear of a new system the day it is launched in the company. The training should include hands on training with a customer management system simulation as opposed to reading from a manual. Educating the employee in using the system in different scenarios to assist a customer will allow them to better service that client without the inconvenience of making mistakes. Employees who feel unprepared and anxious are resistant to commitment to Riordan and to any changes this company brings in.
Developing a positive relationship with the manager will definitely help. Robbins explains how “people are more willing to accept changes if they trust the managers implementing them” (Robbins, pg.594). All managers should be prepared to answer all questions subordinates may have about the new customer management system. After introducing the new system, explaining its importance, and making employees go through hands on training with all scenarios possible, the last few months prior to launching the new system, Riordan managers should have one on one meeting with their subordinates. This will allow employees to ask any questions they may still have on