Communication And Management Plan

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Communication and Management Plan
Tom Belton, Matthew Schweda & Shaun Pass
December 16, 2013
Instructor Kevin Harris

The purpose of this paper is to assist the Riordan Manufacturing a consolidated system for formal information for customers. This database will assist in customer management and will require all the employees to use a single customer management system. The initial portion of the report will require the supervision and reviewing the company’s intranet site of the organization by reviewing the information in the different sections of the organizations. This system will assist the creation process of management plans within the company, to include several major features to include: the recommendation of implementation of new strategies that are expected over the upcoming years and months. This will also include access to the evaluation procedures and the change plan is utilized. Additionally, the remainder of the paper will refer to a plan for communication for the offered changes, which will also be addressed.
Change is a great tool and can benefit all parties when in the implementation stages. Additionally, it can bring certain conflicts to light within employees and leadership. These conflicts come from the new changes in the day to day operations that some employees may not be used to. At times the fear of unknown and the former sense of security can decline during the change process. In the development stages of a new communication plan both employees and managements need to act to properly educate each other about the changes and the impacts that these changes may take. Leaders must take a proactive approach to passing on information that is important to the daily assignments that each worker may face. It is common knowledge that employees are prone to enjoy their work more if they are properly made aware of upcoming changes they will accept the changes and the transition period may not take long for them to be completely adhered to.
The leaders in management must select a user friendly for of open communication to direct management change at Riordan Manufacturing that will push out the same information to the employees that the mangers are receiving at a higher level. Specially, the best way to reach all the employees at various levels within the company is to utilize different methods of a posting on a company website, memo or all hands e-mail. During these periods of communication the leaders must state their objectives and why the change is important for everyone in the company and the overall outcome that is expected. Discussing the changes that are forth coming will properly introduce them to the purposes that are behind the changes that are taking place. Shedding light on the unknown for the workers can help them understand the bigger picture. The latest management views will ensure that the beneficial creation of an organizational culture that workers will accept and adhere to. Tools such as e-mails and memos are the best way to get your information internally to the workers inside the company. This way will also allow for the same information to be passed on to the workers without any other interpretation. The management needs to ensure that someone is overseeing the messages that are being released to the employees so that limits the confusion within the company.
Anytime that there are messages being sent out to the employees there are always some conflicts that may come up during this process. There may be a time that the employees within the company will not receive or read the communication which will result in those employees that chose to not read this information will become uninformed. Leaders and management must follow up with the managers that oversee the front line workers to make sure that everyone inside their areas of operation have read and understand the information that is being relayed to the masses. The program of Outlook has