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What were the suggested next steps in your MyFoundationsLab ® Learning Path? The next steps that were suggested for me to work on from the MyFoundationsLab ® were sentence structure which consists of fragments, run-ons, commas, and final punctuations. The steps that were mastered were the Craft of writing step. I at first did not understand all of the steps and what they consist of; I later begin to understand them.
How do the skills apply to your academic life? Academically the steps are going to be very valuable because in order to write a correct paper in college I must first master these steps. By me not knowing how to identify fragments can put a huge dent in my grades on essays and other assignments. Punctuation is an important part of just writing in general. Punctuation to me expresses the tone of a sentence and or essay. I don’t want to have run on sentences. I would like to be able to identify run on sentences.
How do the skills apply to your professional life? As a professional person people are going to rely on you to write and or present presentations. If you have run on sentences, fragments, and you aren’t using puncation correctly they are going to start to wonder what type of person they have working for them . It is important to be very professional in a professional environment. You not only have to look at certain way you also have to speak a certain ways and write a certain way.
Were you surprised by the result? Why or why not? I actually was not