Connecting the Dots Essay

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Connecting the Dots

What were the suggested next steps in your MyFoundationsLab® Learning Path?

After taking my assessment, I was given an objective overview of my current skill level. I was advised to work on three sub-categories from the Learning Path Module: Sentence Skills. There are three activities to complete within each one:

* Fragments * Run-ons * Sentence Structure

Each activity then consists of the following:

* Overview: This is an audio description of the topic along with a printable transcript version. * Animation: This is a video description of the topic * Recall 1: Questions to answer and submit regarding the topic. * Post-Test: Questions to answer and submit for mastery of the topic.

With regard to all of the modules within the writing path assessment, I mastered 13 of the 16 topics within the writing path, and the following two modules:

* Learning Path Module: Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling * Learning Path Module: The Craft of Writing

How do the skills apply to your academic life?

The writing path and the skills it offers will be beneficial to my academic time because whether I like it or not, writing is a vital element of all five of the University’s goals, particularly communication. Within any classroom environment, written and verbal communication is essential, but with our unique online situation, our verbal also has to be translated into written. Therefore, everything I am required to do revolve around using writing as a form of communication and so in order for me to provide the best quality work possible, I need to have the skills necessary to converse effectively.

How do the skills apply to your professional life?

Professionally, writing represents a vast conduit for communication, providing an effective method of presenting yourself to the professional community. This being said, although at…