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Who Can Declare A Parent Unfit? In the book, The Scarlet Letter, there was a woman named Hester who due to circumstances had been separated from her husband for years. In the Puritan religion once you are married; there is no divorce and no option of another marriage. However Hester’s husband had not returned and she had an affair with a minister and they had a daughter named Pearl. Later in the book, Governor Bellingham tries to take Pearl away from Hester saying that she was not fit to raise Pearl, because she had committed adultery. The main question is however, should society be allowed to take children away from parents who are unfit? I do believe that society is allowed to take a child away from a parent that it believes to be unfit. Society should be allowed to take children away from parents if they are neglectful, abusive, and/or drug users. In the following, I will further explain why society has the right to remove kids from parents they believe to be unfit. There are millions of children in the world, dying to be raised by parents who are mentally stable and ready to have children. So many young females put themselves into situations where neither themselves, nor the father of their child are ready to be parents. Being a good parent is not just about being able to financially support your children and provide them with food and clothes, you also need to raise them; teach them right from wrong and they cannot learn that if you yourself do not know the difference. For example, “Amanda Cozart was found unfit to parent her children, after the father of her four kids abused them and she refused to tell authorities (Nagle Maria). Since the oldest of the four children were born, the Department of Children and Family Services has been involved with this family. However, the date of her trial Cozart took the stand and said “the father of her children has never abused them in any way”, when hospital records show otherwise. Their