The Controversial Issue Of Abortion

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There is a monster in every doctor’s office around the world. Females communicate with this destructive and manipulating creature. Its purpose is to attract women and endanger them. Abortion is an issue and conflict that is popular and has gained attention internationally. Its complication is what makes it difficult and misunderstanding. Today, women are the individuals who make the decision on whether to keep the unborn baby or to abort it. In this case, the babies are in a ‘life or death’ situation. Terminating that pregnancy is like committing a crime. Abortion is illegal because it is the killing of innocent lives, it causes health complications, and it can cause psychological problems. Abortion is the one of the most controversial issues discussed among society. Abortion has endangered women’s health and lives, beginning at the time it was first introduced and performed because it was an unsafe procedure for women (Women'sHistory). Therefore, abortion became …show more content…
The 14th Amendment was proposed and passed July 9, 1868. In other words, it was “made” when abortion was already illegal. Abortion eliminates the legal rights of unborn babies. Moreover, federal laws protect the unborn. More specifically, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act was a law intended to cover unborn victims. People do not have 100% control over their body. Although abortion is classified as a safe procedure, it can still affect women health wise. Health includes physical, emotional, and spiritual. Some women are not able to reproduce and have babies because of various reasons. As a result, they would go with their next option... adoption. Statistics show that babies, regardless of medical problems, and who are "free for adoption," generally do not wait long for families. There are between one of two million infertile and fertile couples and individuals who would like to adopt children