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With peer pressure constantly surrounding me, success is up for grabs.
Especially when you consider the fact that I’m from Detroit, where our Youth are constantly stereotyped. I remind myself that I can create my own identity and I am not defined by my circumstances. Who I am will become exemplified by my attitude, hard work and dedication. Who I am also allows me to chase success as if I were Usain Bolt racing to the finish line. This is why I’ve chosen to further my education beyond a High School Diploma.
My goal is to explore, excel and find myself as a College Student and as a
Leader. I want to do things the traditional way and thrust myself toward the
American Dream, by taking advantage of any and all educational opportunities.
In order to fulfill my dream, I must continue putting forth maximum effort toward everything that I do and maintain my level of focus. I believe that my
Family is highly responsible for my educational achievements because they’re always there to support, motivate and challenge me to do more that I think I’m capable of. They encourage me to finish whatever I’ve started and to always keep the positive mindset that I can accomplish anything.

Volunteering at St. John’s Hospital-Oakland in the Emergency Room allows me to give back to my Community while also being exposed to a new environment. I perform various Medical tasks, including transporting specimens to the lab, charting blood pressure and making Patients’ beds. I love the Hospital environment and I enjoy being right in the middle of patient treatment. I’m able to observe the medical team and their attitudes and I’m also able to see how they handle Patients’ on a day to day basis. I also take into consideration how they manage non-medical situations such as bad attitudes from the Patients.

Seeing my Mother deal with multiple health issues made me realize I absolutely want to be a Registered Nurse. My mother laid a solid foundation for me and raised me to believe that “motivation plus dedication