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ßCorrections Review Questions Sept 22,2014
Corrections Imani Threalkill

1. How did the term corrections evolve from the earlier use of the term penology? Penology is the study of the use of punishment for criminal acts. Penology emphasized the principal function of implementing punishment in the handling of criminal offenders after their sentencing. Corrections are defined as the range of community and institutional sanctions, treatment programs, and service for managing criminal offenders. 2. What is the mission of corrections? To protect society
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3.Incapacitation-Reducing offenders ability or capacity to commit further crimes. 4.Rehabilitation-A programed effort to alter the attitudes and behaviors of inmates and improve their likelihood of becoming law-abiding citizens. 5.Resitution-Acts by which criminals make right or repay society or their victims for their wrongs. 9. Define the theories of specific and general deterrence. Specific deterrence is the effect of punishment on an individual offender that prevents that person from committing future crimes. On the other hand general deterrence is the recognition that criminal acts result in punishment, and effect recognition on society that prevents future crimes. 10. How did abandonment of the hands-off doctrine impact prison operations? It reduced the opportunity to commit crime and just reducing conflict as a whole was no longer in affect, now there is more hands on which creates more tension. 11. In what ways does corrections attempt to rehabilitate offenders? It puts structure and order back in the inmates life while hopefully seeing jail as a punishment so they wont come back, also it is a place where they can receive help to go back in society and be a positive example. 12. How does reintegration differ from rehabilitation? Reintegration just basically throws the ex-inmate in with society in hopes that they will adapt while rehabilitation works with the inmates mentally and behavior in order to prepare